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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 30 Race Street, Charleston. South Carolina

Philoxenia January & February 2017


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NBC Article for February 2018 Philoxenia

by Jimmie Gianoukos, Chair

Capital Fundraising Project Update

The NBC mailed out letters the week of January 8th to over 40 parishioners to prepare them for a call from a Steering Committee member to schedule their gift ask interview over the next two weeks.  The Steering Committee urges all those parishioners to reply as quickly as possible to that Steering Committee member to schedule their interview.  We need to have these interviews completed by no later than January 30th.  It is the goal of the Steering Committee to talk to all parishioners by the end of March.  Please make yourselves available.  We are a little over 70% to meeting our goal and we need everyone’s participation to not only meet, but exceed our goal, so that we can attain the lowest mortgage possible for our new building.  For those parishioners who have been asked and committed to the new building project, thank you and God bless you and your family.  Let’s finish the Capital Campaign Fundraising Project on a high note.  

Johns Island Property Update
We are excited to announce that after much time and effort, the 33 acres on Johns Island presumably owned by the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity has been settled by the courts that Holy Trinity does indeed own the 33 acres in its entirety.  Many thanks to Dino Manos for his pro bono work to accomplish this feat in Holy Trinity’s favor and to Jimmy Palassis for his dedication and generosity in assisting for this wonderful outcome. 

If you should have any questions or comments concerning NBC, please contact Jimmie Gianoukos, NBC Chairman at 843-214-1700.  


New Building Committee

Updates from the last meeting of the New Building Committee held December 13, 2017, are highlighted below.

Westside Neighborhood Association: The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church is now a member of our Neighborhood Association. In October, Dinos Liollio and Father Ari presented a broad concept as to our future building program, which was warmly received. Fr. Ari also attended the November meeting as a representative of the Church and also the Christmas party, where he was asked to offer the invocation.

New Building Investment Fund: At the direction of the New Building Committee and Parish Council, the funds earmarked and pledges received for the New Hellenic Center and Social Hall have been placed in an investment account with Prudential Investments.

Johns Island Property: Thanks to the pro bono efforts of Attorney Constantine Manos the parish was able to secure the portion of the James Island property that was in question as to ownership. To date, the entire acreage is now recorded as owned by Holy Trinity. Thanks also go to Jimmy Palassis, who was instrumental during this process to see it completed.

Commitments to Date: Jim Bush of the Winkler Group attended the December 13 meeting as his last meeting as Holy Trinity’s consultant in the campaign process. As a token of appreciation he was presented with a copy of Popular Greek Recipes. The Winkler report showed that total commitments as of December 13, 2017, were $2,201,100 given by 49 donors. There are 9 parishioners pending decisions, more “asks” scheduled by the Steering Committee, and a total of 64 personal “asks” still to be made.

Philoptochos Donation: Phyllis Gates, president of Philoptochos, was present at the meeting to present a check to the Building Fund from the proceeds of the Rummage Sale and the Silent Auction, which totaled $16,445.69. Philoptochos received a round of applause and much appreciation. This donation is in addition to the $30,000 previously committed pledge to be made over three years’ time, half of which has already been paid. Including the proceeds already given by Philoptochos from the previous rummage sale, this puts the total donation over $50,000.