New Building Committee
More Than Bricks and Mortar - A Foundation of Faith For Our Future

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 30 Race Street, Charleston. South Carolina

Philoxenia October 2017


                                                                                                                                             Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity
                                                                                                                                              30 Race Street  Charleston, South Carolina                                                                                                                                                                                                           843-577-2063                                                                                                                                                  




by Jimmie Gianoukos, Chair
The list of NBC Sub-committees is printed below with current chairs, members, and the committee’s purpose.  Parishioners are encouraged to serve on any of the NBC sub-committees.  Please notify the Chairperson to be placed on the sub-committee of your choice.   
Building Committee Sub-Committees List
Marketing/Public Relations Subcommittee                                                           Chairman: Nitsa Demos
            Members - Andrea Turner, Toula Latto, Chris Frias
Purpose - Convey NBC actions and activities to the Holy Trinity Church Community.
           - create a former parishioner extended list and business address list
           - submit updates for social media and print publications
           - create a website for the new building and update as needed
Design Sub-Committee                                                                               Co-Chairs: Cherie/Dinos Liollio
             Members - Ted Contos
Purpose - Develop Master Plan addressing 20 year outlook of Church Community needs.
            - define space needs
            - develop design concepts
            - work closely with Fund Raising regarding project budget
            - develop architectural visuals
Phasing/Temporary Space Utilization Sub-Committee                                       Chairman: Cherie Liollio
               Members - Effie Meletis, Pano Kordonis, Ted Contos, Lori Clekis (alternate)
Purpose - Evaluate temporary locations available for personnel during the construction of the new center/social hall based on need and demand of space. Also, plan and monitor the process of moving these personnel to these temporary locations.
Neigborhood Liaison Sub-Committee                                                                   Chairman: Dinos Liollio
              Members - Father Ari, Jennie Sherry Skeadas
Purpose – Maintain communication with the Westside Neighborhood Association and immediate Race/Congress streets neighborhoods with regards to the planning and progress of our building program.
Kitchen Sub-Committee                                                                                    Chairman: Jimmy Palassis
               Members - Effie Meletis, Tom Meletis, Kelly Hammond, Nick Clekis, Erica Rouvalis, Cleo Stoucker
Purpose - Evaluate existing kitchen equipment and determine equipment retained for new kitchen or disposed. In addition, committee will aid in general design parameters of new kitchen.
Real Estate Sub-Committee Committee                                      Co-Chairs: Jimmy Palassis, Bill Frehse
Purpose - Monitor all available real estate assets to maximize investment.
           - develop real estate master plan for approval of NBC and submittal to Parish Council
Finance Sub-Committee                                                                                       Chairman: Pete Paulatos
Purpose - Monitor financial reporting of fundraising efforts.
            - present monthly Balance Sheets/P&L Statements on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the NBC
            - maintain close communication with the Parish Council Liaison
            - handle and recommend investment strategy of monies received from Capital Campaign Fund
              Raising for New Building
Feasibility  Sub-Committee                                  Members: Sam Howell, Jimmy Palassis, Dinos Liollio                    Purpose – Analyze and identify potential revenue streams regarding the proposed spaces of the new Hellenic Center.
Investment Advisory Sub-Committee                         Members: Terry Tsurutis, Iordanis Karagiannidis                  
Purpose – Monitor performance and compliance with investment strategy statement regarding building fund investment portfolio, meeting periodically with investment manager (Prudential), making adjustments as required to comply with investment strategy, and identifying accounts from which to draw funds from investment portfolio as required by design and construction process.
Grants/Alternate Fund Raising Sub-Committee                                                      Chairman: Nick Clekis
            Members - Hope Grayson, Elaina Palassis, Rene Mueller, Melanie Mathos
Purpose - Identify and pursue, with consent of NBC and Parish Council, grants and alternative fund raising opportunities for the New Building Fund.
Fund Raising Liaison                                                                                    Chairman: Jimmie Gianoukos
Purpose - Work closely with the Fund Raising Consultant and report to the NBC on the progress and activities of the Fund Raising Campaign.
Parish Council Liaison                                                                                           Chairman: Margie Petko
Purpose - Work closely with Parish Council reporting on the work, progress and activities of the NBC.